Ms. Jessica Johnson


Jessica Johnson

BS Special Education with a dual license in Elementary Education

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About Your Teacher


I am originally from Kernersville, North Carolina. I studied Special Education and Elementary Education at Campbell University. I enjoy reading and watching Netflix. I also enjoy spending time outdoors during the warm weather. This includes hiking and hammocking in my Eno. I like to go hiking with my family in the mountains of North Carolina. My mom, dad, and brother's names all start with "J" so we are "The Four JJs". Llamas and Alpacas are my favorite animals along with dogs. I am very excited to teach your student this year!

My planning period is from 10:10-11:10. If you contact me during school hours, I will do my best to contact you during these times or after school! You can contact me through Class Dojo or by phone- (919) 897-5400 ext. 4713.

Thanks! Message sent.


Student Resources 

This is a look at what we will do this year! 








This site helps students learn all their Core

classes while also helping those around the world. 

This link provides students with fun activities to do over the summer or if they do not have any homework to do.



This website is full of fun Dr. Suess themed games.






All these websites will help your students be prepared for the year as well as the EOCs and the EOGs. 

Cumin Rice
Circular Library
Big Cat with Bandana

Teacher Resources 

This is what I look at throughout the year. 

NC DPI Standards Page            ITSE Standards Page            TeachersPayTeachers

Edutopia Diversity Article 

Kahoot Link to make quizzes 

Quizlet link to make quizzes 

Phonics Jeopardy Link 

NC DPI Home Page

Flashcard Maker 

Kahoot Game     Quizzez Game   Quia Game        Socrative Game              Language Translator 


Content in the Classroom

This is some of what your student will use in my classroom. 

In the resource classroom, we will be using SPIRE for reading. For math, students will be using different methods to solve problems and explain how they got their answer. If you have any questions about your child's IEP or goals, do not hesitate to contact me! 

Children Playing Outdoor
Children Reading the Holy Bible
In the Classroom